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Estela Perinetti

Their wines have an exquisite French winemaking style, guaranteeing a rich sensory experience with each one of them.

Estela Perinetti, founder and winemaker of Las Estelas Wines, was one of Argentina’s first women winemakers and viticulturists.

She graduated as an agricultural engineer specializing in enology, receiving training in Italy, Spain, and California.

She worked for over twenty years with some of the leading companies in the Argentinean and French industries.

Estela is also the Co-Founder of the “Women Wine Professionals Club” (“Club de Mujeres Profesionales del Vino”, in Spanish), which is a group of women winemakers and agronomists who came together to promote the profession and the role of women in the wine industry.


Barcala 1969, Godoy Cruz | Mendoza, Argentina | Contact: 549 2616934719


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