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Las Estelas

At the viewpoint of stars ...

Wines with a strong feminine touch.

Tupungato, which in the native Huarpe language means “viewpoint of stars”, is the scenario where Estela, in Italian “Stella” – “Estrella” in Spanish, has been guiding this project since 2016, contributing all her expertise of more than 30 years in enology.

Born to a family of winemaking women, Estela Perinetti created this project with feminine sensitivity, perception, and meticulous care behind every detail.

The name “Las Estelas” is given after three generations of women with the same name: Estela Perinetti, her mother, Estela Armando, and her grandmother, also Estela, who were women always related to the estate, hard-working and enthusiastic.


Barcala 1969, Godoy Cruz | Mendoza, Argentina | Contact: 549 2616934719


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