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Leticia is the name of Estela’s eldest daughter, which means “Joy” in Latin. Inspired by her honest laughter and crystalline gaze, the winemaker creates these wines that celebrate the joy of simplicity; they are young wines of the sixth generation of winemaking.

Las Estelas are made from the best vineyard parcels, which show the particularities of Finca Mangato’s terroir.

The great passion of our winemaker led her to explore Mendoza’s terroir, searching for a unique expression that reflects the special typicity of our scenarios.

Vineyard Collection is the result of joint efforts with local producers who share the same philosophy of vineyard work.

EThe icon wine is a French-style blend of Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon. Following the same approach used in Bordeaux wines, it is the best year wine of our vineyard. A wine for aging, elegant and balanced, whose traits make it unique and destined to last in time.


Barcala 1969, Godoy Cruz | Mendoza, Argentina | Contact: 549 2616934719


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